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The MOTHer App is now live and available from the iOS and Google Play App stores. Use the links above to find and install on your smart devices (phone and tablet). Also above are your links to all 4 chapters as pdf’s to download and print out which includes the Augmented Reality (AR) markers, needed to fully experience the story with narration and a text version of the chapter.
In the narrative you will find clues as to where you can see the AR at locations around Hastings as well as being able to watch and listen at home using the marker featured in the pdf.

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‘MOTHer’ is a narrative based project housed in an Augmented Reality app featuring real world components and interventions. It acts as an origin story for The Hastings Moth Project, 2010, taking influence from folklore and the notion of myth-making in the era of  ‘Fake News’. The specially commissioned narrative entitled ‘It Came From The Sea’, written by Hastings based author and Unoffical Britian founder/ editor Gareth E Rees, imagines an alternate reality where the Moths landed on the walls of Hastings and St.Leonards from a very different source but with the same intentions.

For the project we have collaborated with a brilliant team of creatives including:
Psychogeographical author Gareth E Rees to imagine a narrative that touches on invasion b-movies, social paranoia and community in the time of Brexit. We worked with award winning 3D artist/ modeler Gocken Yuksek who’s models have featured on NetFlix’s Black Mirror to create the characters in the AR. The story is told as recounted memories by singer and musician Jessica Banks, in her first role as voice over artist. It’s held all together inside an app developed for us by Alister Clarkson from Shape of Sound. Further down the line we’ll be unveiling collaborations with actor/ playwrite John Knowles and ethical taxidermist Jazmine Miles-Long.

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