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Aardvark were invited by the publication Lost in London ,a quarterly periodical exploring the more rural aspects of London life, to produce a page for their Spring 2011 edition. Aardvark found ten species of Moths native to Welsh Harp, North West London and invited us to provide an illustration, continuing the aesthetic explored in the Sussex Moths print.


We first collaboration with Aardvark On Sea came in the form of the Sussex Moths Print. Lesley from Aardvark had been an avid collector of ancient Moth names for some time, admiring the beautiful contradictions and imagery they inspire. Following the Hastings Moth project Aardvark approached us with the idea of a collaborative print. Together with Lesley and Pea we scoured the dozens of name cards and settled on seven. We researched the Moths forms and set about the illustrations while Aardvark chose complimentary fonts.

Hand set in wood and metal type and printed on a vintage Heidelberg press at Adams of Rye. Sepia & coffee brown in colour, printed on 180gsm FSC birch paper, 770mm x 390mm.