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Ghost like apparitions of heavily patterned moths camouflaged for an urban setting invade Hastings and St.Leonards. These transient imprints of nature clothed in geometry lay at rest across the towns architecture.
We worked with pioneering Clean Art instigator Paul ‘Moose’ Curtis for over 7 years on both commercial and personal projects. Mooses innovative technique of using stencils and water on dirty walls and pavements, to create images of startling beauty, was the perfect vehicle to produce a series of large scale icons which integrate themselves into the environment. Moths are patterned to protect them from predators enabling them to blend into their surroundings, Clean Art intrinsically creates this illusion of camouflage.

7 specific sites were chosen for the Moths to lay at rest from Hastings Old Town to Burton’s St.Leonards, some hidden some more obvious. The motifs are based on the shapes of moths native to the area.

To commemorate the project we released a set of postcards which illustrate the make-up of the Moth design and indicate where they can be found around the town.

Commemorative Hastings Moths Postcards featuring location information

You can view more info and images from the project here on the dedicated mini site.