zeroh_Romney Moth 2zeroh_Romney Moth 1UV-pix_20120521_172Moth-for-Romney_20110916_15Moth-for-Romney_20110916_20Moth-for-Romney_20110916_10UV-pix_20120521_170Moth-for-Romney_20110916_50


Etched edge lit perspex,
1.5m x 1.2m

Filmmaker Andrew¬†K√∂tting commissioned us along with 3 other artists to present new work in St.Clements Church in Old Romney as part of the annual Art in Romney Marsh series of exhibitions. Continuing our work with the Moth form and symbolism we produced our first 3Dimensional incarnation by way of edge lit perspex. The unique qualities of the material means the Moth changes colour and depth at every view point. Sometimes glowing, sometimes ghostly, it lost itself in the church’s window where it hung and found itself in the light that emanated from it.

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Special thanks to Les Allitt and staff at Iberian Lighting, St.Leonards On Sea.