FAKE2015 297 × 420 millimeters, Limited Edition of 100 Unlimited in Brighton have stocked our Seasonal Moth prints for the past couple of years and at the start of 2015 they invited us to take part in a collaborative project entitled ‘FourPlay’. The collaboration, between their in-house design consultancy and forty of the designers they stock, started with the designers choosing one of forty 4 letter words to take inspiration from in order to create an image. Once the image was completed Unlimited incorporated complimentary typography. We chose the word ‘Fake’. For our contribution we took inspiration from Victorian hybrid Taxidermy or fake animals. Our chosen beast consists of a Ram, a Giraffe and a hen which we first composited in Photoshop, then drew and added layers of texture and marks.

In order to arrive at our final design for the animal we mocked up several alternative creatures as photo montage featured below.

Fourplay is showing at BoxPark, London 23-30 April 2015 & Unlimited, Brighton 1-31 May 2015 you can view the full image and purchase a copy (limited to 100) here: http://www.unlimitedshop.co.uk/artwork/exclusive-to-unlimited/fake/