We are so proud to be on this unique and almost happenchance collaborative journey with Stick in the Wheel. This artwork for us is another stepping stone and it means so much for us to be able to create the visual manifestation of what we consider to be important / raw and honest music. Through this artform we can deliver a comment about our broken world by way of accompanying a message from 10 Centuries ago, which serves to highlight the cyclical nature of the abject horrors humans inflict on one another. When will we ever learn?

From @stick_in_the_wheel
The words are based on the 10th century poem of the same name, and have a particular resonance to us today, where cities and communities are being ruined before our eyes from Gaza to Sudan, Congo to Ukraine. Huge thanks to Zeroh for the poignant video.

Video directed by zeroh (Daniel Hardiker and Neil Hetherington)
Filmed on location at Electro Studios Project Space St Leonards on Sea.
All filming, animation, modelling and special effects by zeroh.
Thank you to Colin Booth @electro_studios_project_space