Early Summer 2023 saw us work with electronic folk band Stick in the Wheel on two live performances under specific sets of circumstances. The first performance at Kings Place, London was a 360 audio event as part of the venues ‘Sound Unwrapped’ series of concerts, presented as a special audio experience utilising d&b audiotechnik’s surround sound Soundscape system. The second performance took place at Brighton Dome as part of Brighton Festival 2023. In both cases we presented visuals which interacted with the audio and the band in subtle yet powerful ways. We produced a specific set of visuals which created hypnotic moments of immersion, utilizing Shark Tooth gauze which appears both transparent and opaque depending on whether it is front or back lit. We set the gauze in front of the band to create a presentaion which appeared immersive and ethereal, enveloping the the band in our film and animation work.
Spinning geometric shapes appeared to cage vocalist Nicola Kearey with trees growing from her songbook, drone footage highlighted the ruins brought about by war in Ukraine, turbulent and erratic storm blown graphics matched the acid line arpeggios and energy of ‘Devils Nag’, a reinterpreted 17th Century Morris Dance melody. There are plans to develop the show further for a series of concerts in 2024.