Before we undertake a new venture we like to clear the decks so we are selling off
our first experimental run of T’s for £13.00 +p&p each.
The T’s are all printed on American Apparel stock which we chose for their vibrancy of colour / favourable cut/ durability
and ethical manufacturing methods. The blank t-shirts were purchased prior to the company being bought out by Gildan. 

The T-shirt motifs are printed with plastisol giving them a heavy feel, they’re single and double layered.

The majority of designs come from a series of prints called ‘We Can’t fight Your War So We Built You An Army’, a set
of mythical warriors clothed in intricately patterned armour. The images are a composite of sketchbook pattern work.

Some of the images were produced as print rewards for Andrew Kotting’s crowdfunded film project ‘By Our Selves’
about the English poet John Clare.

The T’s are Medium/ Large and XLarge in size and all individual hand pulled prints, imperfections and all.