We have been practicing art together as ZEROH since graduating with Honours from Sunderland University, (BA) Hons Fine Art for which we specialised in Photography and Sculpture as our main disciplines.

We experimented with celluloid projections and installation work in clubs for the first few years of our artistic careers. We embraced technology and computer based art became a focus as we self taught ourselves to animate/ edit and create artworks for a variety of outputs including digital projections/ standalone video works, continuing with a passion for creating unique spaces and backdrops via installation and projection. We also print and make as part of this process mixing mediums in evolving experimental ways.

Our love of technology led us into further collaborative and commission based experiences working alongside Andrew Kotting/ Richard Billingham/ Kate Tempest/ Shelly Love/  The Who and others.

Since moving to Hastings from Brighton in 2008 we have been involved with some major art projects including commissions for Coastal Currents Arts Festival and Art in Romney Marsh.

As artists we like to test the limits of materials often using surprising methods to make marks as part of the image making process, for example ‘The Hastings Moth project’ where we created large wooden stencils of geometric based patterned moths and scattered ghost like imagery around the town using water to create clean images on dirty surfaces. At the time this struck a chord with many in the area as the work boldly and proudly emanated from the grimy walls of a run down sea side town struggling to find an identity.  ‘Point of Decay’ in Bottle alley was a major collaborative project where we produced a huge paste up outdoor gallery, involving 18 other artists along a 500 meter space using bio degradable materials, the westerly winter winds slowly peeled off the artwork resulting in an evolving spectacle.

Recent commissions include collaborative post production work on Andrew Kotting’s soon to be released feature ‘Lek and the Dogs’. We used our skills in video production to disrupt key scenes, moving objects around and playing with reality, we also created the end titles for the film, breaking down the visuals and text with glitches and digital decay.

Our commission for Coastal Currents Arts Festival 2017, ‘WaveLength’, is two 500m colour gradients running along the sea front in Hastings Bottle Alley. The work provides the viewer with a constantly evolving set of coloured pillars which frame the sea changing the aspect of the journey through the space.

Further commercial work can be found on zeroh.net