In early June 2023 we held our first workshop as part of the Curious Kids Festival at the Observer Building in Hastings. We were invited by kids clothing and printing company Little Mashers to come up with an idea that would engage children from the age of 4 years old and upwards.
Our idea was to create a spectacle for the children to contribute to by way of patterning/ colouring in the wings of moths that we then animated to create a swarm, or an eclipse as they collectively known, of fluttering Moths giving the children the opportunity to identify their design within the animation.
On the day we gave contributors a choice of one of two Moth wing shapes, a range of felttip pens and the freedom to fill in the template as they wished. We scanned the wings while the child was still with us and showed them their wings in motion. We had over 60 children come to workshop over a period of 6 hours during morning and afternoon sessions. The results were put online and the video was shared to parents for the children to view, we also presented the animation the following day at The Observer Building for people to witness it large scale.